A first in Belgium: AtriClip PRO2 (AtriCure)

Cardiac surgeon Dr. Van Praet Frank of the Cardiovascular Center OLV Aalst performs a first in Belgium: For the first time in Belgium, the atrial appendage of a patient with atrial fibrillation has been closed with an AtriClip PRO2 (AtriCure) through the transverse sinus during minimally invasive endoscopic 3D mitral valve repair. This closure is…
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Cardiac surgeons and cardiologists join forces to make the difference in patient care​ We should not confront the patient with the world of cardiologists and cardio surgeons: most people do not even know the difference between the two disciplines”, say cardio surgeon Frank Van Praet and cardiologist Eric Wyffels. “That is why we are now tackling…
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MAGAZINE OLV Hartcentrum annual handout 2019 – 2020 (Dutch version)

The cardiac team of the OLV clinic explains how they react and adapt to the changing environments in healthcare and technology and how they responded to the COVID-19 crisis.  Read the annual report here >>

PRESS A minimally invasive cardiac surgery, with robotic assistance

The Hindu Newspaper writes about doctors at Apollo Hospitals who performed a minimally invasive robotic hybrid revascularisation surgery to treat blockages in two major blood vessels of a 63-year-old patient. The procedure was a combination of minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery with robotic assistance, followed by a stenting procedure. This, according to…
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VIDEO Week of the Heart: Minimal Invasive Sugery by Dr. Frank Van Praet

During the Week of the Heart a dutch documentary was made, stretching the importance of prevention and screening. It highlights once more the significant role of the OLV Clinic Aalst, Belgium, in the development of optimal state-of-the-art surgical solution for their patients. This video broadcast Dr. Frank Van Praet during a succesfull medical intervention.

MAGAZINE OLV Hartcentrum annual handout 2018 – 2019 (Dutch version)

The cardiac team of the OLV clinic explains how they react and adapt to the changing environments in healthcare and technology.  Download the annual report here: OLV Hartcentrum Jaarverslag 2018-2019

BLOG New dates for the Aalst Hands-On Cadaveric Endoscopic Mitral Valve Course

Registrations for November and December are open. Thanks to the success, we planned 2 new dates for the Aalst Hands-on Cadaveric Endoscopic Mitral Valve Course. Find out more: click here.

BLOG Hands-On Cadaveric Endoscopic Mitral Valve Course

In this four days human cadaveric truly hands-on course I want to prepare participants to be really ready to start an endoscopic mitral valve program. In more than twenty years of teaching and guiding surgeons by case-observation and later proctoring I have been a personal witness of the huge gap between being a good surgeon,…
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MAGAZINE OLV Inside out – Dec 2017 (Dutch version)

Med. scientific information for professional healthcare providers and surgeons, including an article about how Dr. Frank Van Praet and his team, by close collaboration with the cardiologists, discuss the best strategy for their patients.  Read the magazine in PDF here: OLV Inside Out – Dec. 2017

Dr. Frank Van Praet

PRESS Voor nieuwe hartkleppen naar België (Dutch version)

Dutch newspaper talks about the trend of Dutch patients traveling to the OLV Aalst Clinic in Belgium for complex cardiac and mitral valve surgery by Dr. Frank Van Praet. (Dutch Article). Read the full article here or watch the newscast below.